Field Trips

Farm Field Trip Adventures

Learning at A-Mazing Acres is truly an adventure, with activities and curriculum appropriate for preschool through elementary school students. We’re a real working farm, growing soybeans, corn, hay, and pumpkins. We are eager to share the importance of agriculture with our visitors.

Little Farmer Adventure
For preschool age students 
Includes: Hay Ride, Barnyard Visit and Activity Sets.
Fee: $7.00 per student, chaperone or sibling

A-Mazing Adventure
For K-6 students
Includes: Hay Ride, Barnyard Visit, Activity Sets, and time to explore the Small Maze.
Fee: $7.00 per student, chaperone or sibling

Mining Adventure
For K-6 students
Includes: Hay Ride, Barnyard Visit, Activities, time to explore the Small Maze, plus the Mining experience!
Fee: $8.00 per student, chaperone or sibling

Fall Bookings: September 14 – October 27, 2019

Listed below are typical rotations for your field trip. After your class has enjoyed the rotations, you may enjoy your sack lunch at the farm. We have scenic picnic areas available.

  1. Hay Ride: See the farm, get a small pumpkin, meet our horses.
  2. Activity Set: Jumping Pillow, Punching Pumpkin Race, Rat Roller and Hoppy Horse Corral.
  3. Barnyard Visit: Meet our animals (turkeys, chickens, pigs, bunnies and goats), plus learn the special etiquette of being around animals, how we care for them, and more. This is the highlight of any field trip to the farm! 
  4. Explore: Wander through the Small Maze.
  5. Another Activity Set: Miner’s Mountain Slide, Kids ZipLine, Tube Swing
  6. Mining: Learning how to mine for gems is exciting. Find out more …

Homeschool Day – October 25, 10am-2pm !

We have set aside a HomeSchool Day for those students. Please note: Due to the diversity of the age groups, the tours are not guided for homeschool groups. Your group will be able to enjoy the activities mentioned in items 2 and 5 above, explore the Small Maze, and take a Hay Ride to see the pumpkins and meet horses. Our Barnyard Visit station will be available at various times through the morning.

  • Appropriate apparel would include closed toe shoes or boots, coats, and gloves for those chilly mornings.
  • We have Hand Washing Stations throughout the farm, along with portable toilets.