Longhorn Ladies

Say Moooooo!

Texas Longhorn is a breed of cattle famous for their super-long horns — they can extend up to eight-feet from tip to tip! Holy cow! These famous animals are descended from the first cattle that came to America, brought by Christopher Columbus and other Spanish colonists. In spite of the long and menacing horns, they are known to have a gentle disposition and be quite smart!  

When our country became more heavily settled with farms and cities, the natural habitat of the free range Longhorns was slowly encroached on. Other breeds were more prized by ranchers for meat, dairy herds and more. However, enthusiasts stepped in and developed small private herds — and these have provided animals for other collectors and farms such as ours!

Come out to see our little herd of Longhorns! Take a hayride out to the Pumpkin Patch and you can visit them on the way.